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Clarity Investments + Planning LLC is a fee-only financial planning firm that offers hourly services as well as ongoing investment management. There is no minimum net worth required of clients, and services can be customized to a client’s needs, preferences and budget. Clarity Investments + Planning LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor, held to a fiduciary standard.


To bring objective, high-quality financial advice to a broad range of clientele, regardless of their existing wealth.


Empower clients with the information they need to make the best financial decisions for themselves and their families.

Offer investment clients the same well-diversified portfolios they would receive at a traditional high-net-worth wealth management firm.


The firm was founded in 2008 by Annette Clearwaters and a partner as a sister company to a Manhattan-based traditional wealth management firm. While her experience had been focused on high-net-worth individuals, Annette wished to create a practice flexible in its services, fees, and clientele. She found that many people had a strong desire for independent, sound advice, yet found the options available limited and unsatisfactory if they lacked significant wealth. After six years of steady growth, she became the sole owner in 2014 and moved her main office to Westchester County, keeping meeting space near Grand Central for the convenience of her city-based clients.


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