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“Financial planning is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances.” – CFP Board of Standards, Inc.
Everyone has goals in life, and many of these require money in some way. While your wants could be limitless, your means are unfortunately not. This applies not only to obvious material goods, like clothes or a car, but also altruistic goals, like supporting charitable causes or giving gifts to loved ones. At Clarity Investments + Planning LLC, it is our aim to help you get the most out of your life with the resources you have.

This does not mean you are a passive bystander to the process. With a financial “coach,” you can feel empowered to take control of your finances and shape the life you want. Feel confident in your choices, knowing you have the support of a professional knowledgeable of general financial planning principles. By knowing your options, their advantages and disadvantages, you can make better, more informed decisions in areas like investments, employee benefits, retirement planning, taxation, risk management, estate planning, and college savings. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to get the most out of life.

  • Cash Flow/Budgeting
    Are you looking for ways to spend less and save more?
    We can help you analyze your spending habits for potential savings, and create a plan where you keep more of what you earn.
  • Debt Management
    Do you want a strategy to reduce or eliminate your debts?
    Some debts should be paid off more quickly than others – we can help you prioritize and save yourself money.
  • Employee Benefits
    Are you taking advantage of all the benefits your employer offers?
    Health insurance, life insurance, 401(k) match, flexible spending accounts…you may be able to give yourself a raise without ever talking to your boss!
  • Home Purchase
    Looking for a place to call your own?
    We can help you weigh mortgage options, evaluate the rent vs. buy decision, and choose an appropriate savings strategy for that down payment.
  • Retirement Planning
    Longing for the freedom to do what you want every day?
    Get an idea of how close you are to financial independence, and how you can get there faster.
  • Tax Planning
    Wishing Uncle Sam took less of your income?
    From SEP IRAs to tax-exempt investments, you may be able to reduce the sting of April 15.
  • Risk Management
    Are you and your family protected in case disaster strikes?
    Life, disability, liability, property, and long-term care insurance all protect against different potential tragedies.
  • Estate Planning
    Do you know who would receive your assets if you died?
    If you have a will, you may be surprised to find that it doesn’t cover all of your assets.
  • Education Savings
    Overwhelmed by rising tuition costs?
    Get your kids (or yourself) a better education by saving in the best account types for your situation.
  • Investment Management
    Wondering if you could have a better investment strategy?
    We can help you assess your current investments in light of your goals, time horizon and risk tolerance, and make appropriate adjustments.

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